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Code of Conduct for Principal, Teachers, Staffs, and Students

(The Members of the GB are recommended to familiarise themselves with the Bylaws of the college. They are also recommended to familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations of the UGC and the Parent University)

Code of Conduct for Students

Al Hafeez College, Ara has a set of rules and regulations for the proper conduct of students. The students admitted to this College are directed to abide by the following Rules /Regulations / General Code of Conduct:

  1. Proper discipline has to be maintained within the College Premises.
  2. Maintain discipline with due respect to the authority, teachers and staff;
  3. Students are expected to be polite to one another and show courtesy to the employees of the college in and outside the college premises.
  4. Students shall wear clean, decent and respectable sober dresses.
  5. Students should strictly maintain silence in the college premises.
  6. The college strictly prohibits the use of alcohol and narcotic substances and its kind within the college premises.
  7. It is mandatory for the students to put on the Identity Card inside the Campus.
  8. Girl students are directed not to come in gaudy colour clothes in the college premises.
  9. Girl students (if they like) may use black veils/ reda/ naquab of simple and sober colour.
  10. Students should be regular and punctual in attending Theory and Practical classes.
  11. 75% attendance in both Theory and Practical Classes is compulsory.
  12. Use of Mobile Phone is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  13. It is necessary to switch off all the fans and lights after the class is over.
  14. Use of polythine/Plastic inside the College Premises is prohibited.
  15. Save water, Save life, Save Planet
  16. College furniture-like Chairs, Desks, Benches or Podium should not be removed from its proper place and not be made dirty.
  17. Any damage done to the furniture or other articles of the college shall be a punishable offence.
  18. Bi-cycle, Scooter etc. shall be parked and locked only in the area provided for this purpose.
  19. It is mandatory for all students to take part in Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities.
  1. Students should not organize or attend any meeting in the college or collect money for any purpose without the written permission of the Principal.
  2. Students are strictly forbidden from entering the office room without permission.
  3. No student shall be a member of any association unconnected with the college without the previous permission of the Principal.
  4. The Management reserves the right to change any Rules / Regulations and provision at short notice.
  5. Students are directed not to take part in any type of ‘Dharna’ ‘Pradarshan’ and ‘Hartal’, “which affect the educational environment of the College.
  6. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. It is a punishable offence. Students involved in ragging may face expulsion from the college and university. Legal action may also be taken against them. Affected students may contact any member of the ‘Students Grievance Redressal Cell’ & “Anti-Ragging Cell” regarding any complain of ragging. They must also submit a written complaint regarding the same at the earliest in the Principal’s Office
  7. Canvassing by students/student groups, with any agenda that may harm the peaceful co-existence and harmony of the College community; is strictly prohibited.
  8. Students shall not retaliate against any member of the teaching faculty when caught in any prohibitory acts/or should any member of the teaching faculty file a report of concern to the authority.
  9. The institution will not tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of age, religion, caste, gender or as the case may be.
  10. Maintenance of cleanliness of classrooms, college building and the campus to create a healthy learning atmosphere.
  11. The protection of college property; damage of which, caused by act of anger or violence, shall amount to penalization of the concerned student with a realization of fine.

Code of Conduct for Members of The Governing Body

  1. The Members of the GB are recommended to familiarise themselves with the Bylaws of the college. They are also recommended to familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations of the UGC and the Parent University.
  2. The members are expected to promote the vision and mission, the purposes and aims and the values of the institution.
  3. The members of the GB are expected to recognise all those who are associated with or have dealings with the college including students, employees, suppliers, agents, other educational institutions and government departments.
  4. The GB members are expected to act honestly, diligently and independently without any fear or favour and bias or prejudice.
  5. The GB members are expected to promote and protect the good reputation of the college.
  6. Members of the GB must not receive gifts, hospitality or benefits of any kind from any one.
  7. The GB is operated by its members taking majority resolutions during meetings. Each individual member has a duty to stand by it whether or not he/she was present at the meeting.
  1. It is important that the members of the GB should have free and frank discussions in order to take the decisions collectively.
  2. Members of the GB are expected to follow confidentially of matters and issues undertaken during a meeting.
  3. Members should ensure proper upkeep or disposal of papers/documents.
  4. The members should be aware about the systems in place to deal with the grievances of the employees and matters relating to their employment.
  5. In case of any disagreement the member has the duty to have the disagreement discussed in order to reach a proper solution.
  6. Members are expected to contribute to the work of Committees that may be appointed by Governing Body.
  7. Members are expected to act at all times in the best interests of the Institute.
  8. Members acknowledge their responsibility to be loyal to the Institute and to be fully committed to all its activities.
  9. Members will avoid the use of the Institute resources or time for personal gain or for the benefit of third parties.

Code of Conduct for Principal

  1. Behave in such a manner that earns respect by upholding integrity, dignity, decorum and efficiency at all levels.
  2. Assume full responsibility for discipline in the college.
  3. Exhibit qualities of effective leadership in all academic and administrative activities of the college.
  4. Participation in the teaching work, research, and training programmes of the College.
  5. Nominate convenors and members for various committees to ensure efficient functioning.
  6. Monitor various academic and curricular activities like conferences, seminars, workshops and various education fests.
  7. Arrange performance appraisal of faculty and supporting staff.
  8. All contracts for and on behalf of the college when authorized by a resolution of the Governing Body, passed in writing and expressed to be made in the name of the college shall be executed by the Principal.
  9. Government/University/University Grants Commission/Management etc. especially regarding Accounts matters
  1. Impartial, secular, dignified and punctual in discharging his duties.
  2. Correspondence relating to the administration of the College.
  3. Maintain tolerance while dealing with burning issues among students and subordinates.
  4. Do not discriminate the faculty members and students on grounds of gender, colour, and creed.
  5. Observance of the Act, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations, Rules and other Orders issued there under from time to time.
  6. Observance and implementation of directives issued by Government, authorities viz.
  7. Director of Education / Higher Education / University and other concerned authorities.
  8. Safe-guard the interests of teachers/non-teaching staff members and the management.
  9. Timely submission of information/returns to different authorities viz.

Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching Staff

  1. To help all the members of the institute for the smooth conduct of activities.
  2. To update themselves with policies of college which are relevant to their responsibilities.
  3. To follow the college policies to the best of their ability.
  4. To behave in decent and friendly manner with the students, parents and outsiders.
  5. To exhibit a commitment to provide a supportive environment for learning.
  6. To assist students to adhere to the institutional policies.
  7. To refrain from using work time to promote personal, religious, political, social, or business agendas.
  1. To use communication facilities only for professional purpose in responsible manner.
  2. To understand the job scope, practices, and procedures relating to their position.
  3. To meet targets regarding work to be performed to the best of their ability.
  4. To manage time effectively; -be well-organized; -demonstrate ability to problem-solve within the scope of their position.
  5. No Staff employed in a college shall absent himself from his/her duties without prior permission.
  6. To refrain from engaging in malpractices.
  7. No staff employed in a college shall bring or attempt to bring any political or other influence on his/her superior authority in respect of his/her individual service interests.