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Welcome to Al-Hafeez College Ara, Bihar

"Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs rot there undigested all your life"


Al-Hafeez College, Ara, Bhojpur is a Minority Grant Degree college, established on 07th May, 1979. It is permanently affiliated to Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara, Bhojpur up to the Degree level in the three faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce and also University Grant Commission UGC 2F recognized.

The college was established and is administered – by the Al Hafeez Muslim Educational and Cultural Development Society, Ara, Bhojpur, inspired by the efforts of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to impart modern western education among the Minority. The college follow the same ideals and has imparted quality education to boys and girls of the rural, especially to the relativity less-developed areas for over four decades. It has also made special efforts to encourage the education of financially weak and academically disadvantaged groups.

The college endeavors to impart quality education to all. We have a competent and dedicated faculty. The college has conducted various seminars, academic exposure, Social Responsibility, Rural Development, National Development and Human Value from time to time. The students of Al-Hafeez College have secured good positions in India and abroad. The results of the students of Al-Hafeez College have secured good positions in India and abroad. The result of the students of Al-Hafeez College has always been praiseworthy and students of the college were placed in top 10 list of the university.

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emphasizing on their all round development It also wants to provide an environment of high academic ambience to mold young minds and make them capable of welcoming the future with more vigor.


education Supporting each student to achieve their potential through our caring and encouraging approach. Striving to be as a centre of excellence To be a leading institution in the field of higher education, Research and Service needs to society in general and deprived section of minority in particular


  1. To impart quality education to our students
  2. To develop the self-reliance and determination of our students so that they can respond with courage and sensitivity to personal and social issues
  3. To enhance the overall personality of our students
  4. To generate an awareness of women’s issues, human rights and environmental issues, so that they understand and respond constructively
  5. To foster, in our students, a sense of national identity that is secular and multicultural with respect to tolerance and respect for all religions and cultures. We try to foster the goals of the college through the teaching-learning process. We address the needs of the community and National development through NSS and NCC units.









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There are many variations of passages